atusb / 6lowpan sticks

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Apr 30 19:46:35 EDT 2014

Hiesgen, Raphael wrote:
> We tried to find 6lowpan capable usb device to use with Linux on the
> Raspberry Pi

I looked for ATUSB competitors a while ago and was surprised that
there seemed to be fairly little, often in less convenient sizes,
and what was there often tended to be rather pricy.

Alas, I don't think I actually wrote down what I had found back
then, so I can't make any specific recommendations. A quick
google search finds a few dongles, but digging a bit deeper, they
all seem to be dead. E.g.,

This one looks nice and inexpensive
But then,

Also this may be good
yet this thread suggests it's made of reinforced unobtainium

So making more ATUSB may indeed be the easiest approach, despite
appearances. We've been mentioning vendor-independence as one of the
main benefits of Open Hardware, so it's somewhat reassuring that this
may just prove it :-)

Since all the design information for ATUSB and ATBEN is available,
you could also consider making your own, particularly considering
that you may have access to cheap slav^H^H^Htudent labour.

After all, I made all my prototypes for them at home, from PCB to
soldering. ATUSB is a bit tricky to solder due to the large ground
areas acting as heat sinks, so you'd want to have some experience
with handling QFNs before doing that. ATBEN is much easier to solder.
Here is a picture of some of the hand-made prototypes:

If it doesn't have to be USB, you could perhaps also use ATBEN. I
know that Alexander Aring is using one with a BeagleBone White. For
boards that don't have a suitable card holder, one can also make an
adapter board, like this:

- Werner

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