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Tue Apr 22 11:01:26 EDT 2014


The cracky ones are nice and small, while the other two are a bit
larger. Here's a side-by-side height comparison between the BA2032SM
and the LP2032SM:

And here we have 1060 vs. LP2032SM:

Each of them has its issues. LP2032SM and BLP2032SM fall apart. The
1060 retains the battery with surprising force, so you don't stand a
chance without a screwdriver or similar tool. The BA2032SM has an
ungainly appearance and cheap feel (but the ejection system works quite

Of the three, I like the 1060 best. The quality issues of the LP2032SM
and BLP2032SM aren't something I want to deal with, especially not if
the manufacturer is unresponsive. The BA2032SM is just too big.

The 1060 is also too long to fit nicely, but there are two ways to
deal with this:

1) I can clip the solder pads to make it fit. That's what I plan to do
   for the next board. Since the holder can be glued down, we don't
   need the solder pads for mechanical stability.

2) There is also a through-hole variant, the 1059, which does fit. It
   would need a bit of special handling, e.g., trimming of the pins
   and possibly manual soldering, but I don't think this would be a
   huge problem for manufacturing.

   Alas, I don't have any of these at home, so I'll go with the 1060
   for now.

Money matters: at 1000 units, the LP2032SM would have been USD 0.64
each at 1200 units (2 reels of 600 each), the 1060 is 0.95 @ 1000 as
cut tape and a surprising 1.21 @ 1000 on reels (500 each). The 1059 is
0.95 @ 1000 (no reels offered at Digi-Key).

So it's an expensive part and it makes sense to keep looking for

- Werner

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