helping Anelok (was Re: Anelok: one more MCU - maybe an idea for later)

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Sat Dec 27 04:18:00 UTC 2014

I know a great small shop in Goleta, CA that does high-quality short run
stuff by hand. They are awesome and not expensive. I have not used them for
a few years need to check if they are still in operation.

I would need serious help with parts. I have done a small amount of that,
but with guidance it should be possible. Naturally the assembly house will
source parts but that incurs a markup. It might be worth it however in
terms of reduced time and hassle factor.

Ron K. Jeffries

On Fri, Dec 26, 2014 at 8:02 PM, Werner Almesberger <werner at>

> Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> > I was thinking that when the design for PCB is reasonably stable maybe It
> > would be practical for me to arrange a run of boards that developers
> could
> > buy at approx cost.
> Sounds great ! Would that be just the bare PCBs or complete with
> components (PCBA, for "PCB Assembly") ?
> - Werner
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