Statistics: January 2014

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Feb 1 17:45:05 EST 2014

First round of statistics in 2014.

IRC traffic on #qi-hardware and #m-labs:

The mailing lists:

Note that the date code has changed from MMYY to YYMM. While still
not quite ISO 8601 it's definitely a lot closer.

The mailing lists both saw slightly less activity than in the month
before, which is a little surprising in the case of the M-Labs list,
which featured Salman Sheikh's epic but ultimately successful
journey through the nine circles of Windows, towards getting Migen
to work.

On IRC, #m-labs also slumped a little, but #qi-hardware jumped up
quite a bit, reaching traffic levels last seen in early 2012. Quite
a lot of this was somewhat peripheral to on-going Qi-Hardware
projects, with a fair amount on DIY PCB-making techniques (a topic
that never fails to attract interest); choosing, shipping, breaking,
dissecting, and fixing a CNC mill; and also a bit of chemistry.

- Werner

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