anelok: Y-Box testing/programming rig

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Feb 2 10:35:29 EST 2014

A while ago, I talked a bit about testing/programming rigs on
#qi-hardware. I now made one for the new Y-Box. The design is
fairly simple with the idea that I can upgrade it by adding
a more capable circuit, without having to change anything on
the Y-Box itself or the mechanical parts.

Here we have the two parts, programming rig with SWD connector 
(goes to FRDM-KL25Z) on the left side and a cable to UBB (for
Ben) on the right side, and the Y-Box:

The PCB of the rig is only partially populated. The pogo pins
for directly programming the CC2543, for injecting USB power,
and for measuring the clock speed are missing.

The rig in detail:

It consists of an acrylic frame that holds the Y-Box PCB that's
attached with M3 screws to the PCB that contains the pogo pins,
that provides connectivity, and that in the future will have its
own MCU. There is one set of nuts between acrylic and PCB to act
as spacers (else, I would have had to use a thicker block of
acrylic.) The screws also act as feet for the whole contraption.

Here we have the rig with the board (loosely) inserted:

Alas, the thing doesn't work yet. Not sure yet where the problem
is. Could be:

- FRDM-KL25Z not supporting the KL26 (it says it supports "KL2x"
  and I've installed the latest firmware but that doesn't
  necessarily mean anything),

- there could be a problem in the testing/programming rig or its
  connection to the Y-Box,

- the Y-Box itself may have a problem.

We'll see ...

- Werner

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