Nanonote End of life

Mark Tuson markfptuson at
Tue Feb 11 07:43:14 EST 2014

I have been thinking this for a couple of years now. My NanoNote died a
while back, and I was philosophical about it; I thought we were going to
get upgraded devices from time to time. Now if it's all in the past...
that's just wrong.
On 11 Feb 2014 10:14, "Christoph Pulster" <Christoph at> wrote:

> ... thanks to Sharism, which did an aweful job cooperation with the
> resellers. I am really deeply disappointed.
> There is a ready to sell product, there is also customer demand (small,
> but anyway), and Sharism is ignoring the market.
> I have 3 units left in stock, after this the Nanonote is past.
> Christoph
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