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R Paxton mrrhq1 at
Tue Feb 11 19:05:40 EST 2014

I would have thought that ARM would have been a better choice. It has a lot
good support software (than MIPS at least), hasa good future ahead of it
and it's possible to get something cheap from somewhere like ODROID.
Intel's mobile processors are way too slow ever since Netbooks went out of

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 2:30 PM, Mark Tuson <markfptuson at> wrote:

>  I was thinking about this a little - but I don't think my thoughts could
> be done open-source: I was just thinking of a pocket-size successor,
> initial thought being a 640*480 resistive touchscreen and one of those Atom
> SoCs. But the SoC is non-free, and way too expensive.
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