Nanonote End of life

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Feb 11 19:16:56 EST 2014

Mark Tuson wrote:
> Who's even in charge of producing them?

The Ben platform originated as a dictionary mass-produced by a
Chinese company.

What Sharism did - if I understand things correctly - was basically
go to an electronics shop, get a bunch of dictionaries/agendas, find
one that looked right (and Linux-capable), then see if the company
that made them would be interested in producing a design variant
with some small changes defined by Sharism.

These changes included a different, more Unix-ish, keyboard layout,
changes in the circuit (e.g., more test points [1] - I don't know
what else was changed), and some branding (e.g., the white metal
plate on the upper shell.)

The Bens were manufactured by the Chinese company that owns the
original design.


> Also, when did the Ya's name get changed to Yi? I must have missed that one.

To make things a little more confusing, there is also a Yi in the
Sharism universe, but she's a person and worked with Wolfgang. I
think she mainly took care of marketing/sales, administrivia, etc.
She posted a few times to the lists, the last time about two years

- Werner

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