Nanonote End of life

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Feb 11 22:26:39 EST 2014

Apelete Seketeli wrote:
> ("cute" was the word most of them used to describe it).

Yes, I think that's a great selling point. If you look inside the
Ben you see that it's not all that crowded, so this is definitely
a size that's large enough for all the technology.

It's also large enough for a decent keyboard. The Ben's keyboard
has its share of issues but there are similarly-sized designs that
do a lot better. E.g., I love the keyboard of the OQO 01/01+. It's
really tiny but surprisingly usable. Here is a size comparison:

Use the same kind of buttons, incorporate some improvements from
this layout

then maybe grow the keys a little (Ben has a key pitch of about
8.7 mm, OQO 01 about 7.5 mm), and add a backlight.

> I always thought one key feature missing in the Ben Nanonote was at
> least USB OTG capability, which would have allowed the use of WiFi
> dongles for easy Internet access though.

OTG is pretty much standard nowadays. Many SoCs even give you
multiple ports. I think built-in Wifi or BTLE should be
considered a standard feature nowadays.

> Got any plan yet once you're done with that Anelok project of yours ? ;-)

Heh, that should keep me occupied for a while, at least as far as
weekend projects go ;-) But then, at some point in time I'll also
have to decide on the next "daytime project" ...

- Werner

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