Nanonote End of life

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Feb 12 01:56:37 EST 2014

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> My OPINION is a viable value for [number] must be greater than 10,000 at an
> absolute  bare minimum.
> 100K is more like it.

You did read my reply to your previous post, didn't you ? :-)

Just in case, here it is again:

| Project prices for 100+ kunits but make sure you can survive
| a 10 kunits first run. Anything smaller should be considered
| development and be covered by burn money.

So we ended up with the same numbers ;-) Smaller volume simply
means that one can't ramp up an acceptably efficient process. For
many smaller components, a single reel also holds a few thousand
units, so things get a little messy if you go below that number.

In the case of the Ben the break even point for the fab may have
been a bit lower since they already had most things in place for
the dictionary.

Oh, and I must confess that I'm no longer sure about the number of
Bens that were last in stock. From the whole production calculation
that Wolfgang once explained to me, I remember the number 3000 but
I don't remember if that was the size of a single run or the
projected total volume. Maybe it was three projected runs of 1000
units each, of which two were actually made. That would leave some
500 unsold Bens, not the 1000+ I claimed earlier.

- Werner

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