Nanonote End of life

Jose E. Marchesi jemarch at
Wed Feb 12 05:44:44 EST 2014

    Didn't have time to report about this before, but while at FOSDEM 2014
    in Brussels I helped holding the OpenEmbedded booth during the weekend
    there. I brought my Ben Nanonote to showcase on the booth (since I
    help maintaining the Linux kernel and OE based JLime distribution for
    the Ben) and met people who were interested by the device.
    None of the people who came seem to have heard of the Nanonote before,
    and everyone asking about it also wanted to know where to buy one:

Funny enough I learned about the existence of the Nanonote back at
FOSDEM 2011: the Tuxbrain folks were running a booth and had one or two
Bens... two weeks later I ordered mine :)

PS: Hi Apelete!  Hope you had a safe trip back to le France.

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