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Hans Bezemer thebeez at
Wed Feb 12 12:57:49 EST 2014

On Wednesday 12 February 2014, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Hmm, that would depend on whether the SoC has that. Some do, some
> don't. Of course, even the lowly the Ben can still do this:
Shame it never came as a consumer option. I'd do one, just to shock my 
collegues when I'm pulling the computer for the presentation out of my 
pocket. My EeePC 701 makes the Windows crowd frown, but I'd like to see their 
jaws dropping to the desk when I hook up a Ben.  ;-)

> > I REALLY didn't like the X-compiler environment.
> I think that was another major oversight. While significant effort
> was put into maintaining the distribution and to make Debian
> packages of most of the host tools, the cross-development
> environment fell through the cracks. I don't see a reason why one
> couldn't make a Debian (or such) package, though.
Right - or better: one you can just "make; make install". The RasPi guys made 
the error only supporting the NEWEST Ubuntu release. Hello, I'm not doing a 
million full fledged VM's just to support a platform..

> > - No "emulator" - I ended up creating one myself. Developers need this
> > stuff!!
> Funny, I don't think I ever used an emulator for any embedded
> system ;-) I could imagine it would be useful for regression
> testing, though.
First, developers cannot (and will not) buy every single device there is. And 
if it's there and they're supporting a port, there's always the danger of 
your device dying on you. An emulator will do just fine in that case. E.g. I 
supported the RasPi before I ever had one, because I could emulate it.

> > - Very, very minor point: more internal memory, both SSD and RAM.
> > 32MB and 4GB simply doesn't cut it anymore.
> No, LESS Flash ;-) Have a memory card (uSD) and never worry about
> the chips on your Nanonote getting old. Also for RAM, it would
> probably be more difficult and more expensive to have 32 MB than
> a much larger size these days.
You're so right! Old chips on the Nano are my concern as well. I had to 
reflash once because due to too many bad blocks it had died.

> > - A decent wordprocessor. I ended up "creating" something that
> > worked OK, but
> > something out of the box would be useful.
> vi ? :)
No, doesn't cut it. I found a curses based one, but (a) it was made for a much 
larger screen and (b) I didn't get it to compile for the Nano. So, I 
configured joe to do the job:

> > - USB networking, that was just awesome! I use WinSCP to transfer stuff
> > all the time.
> You get that for free if you have Linux :)
I have Linux! I use WinSCP under Wine, because for file transfer I don't 
really like using the command line. ;-)

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