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> Hans Bezemer wrote:
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> > - No development system on the Nano itself (like the RasPi).
> I never tried to develop locally on the Ben but I'd be surprised
> if we didn't have packages for make and gcc. I know we have vi.
Yes, there is make and a version of gcc.  I have compiled quite
a few programs on the Ben, but generally through ssh from my 
desktop computer so I have a full keyboard and a larger 
window.  I was able to compile almost all of gsl on the 
Ben as well as some benchmark programs.  I wrote a few C
programs, but the major development was done on my desktop,
and then I compiled it on the Ben.  

Number crunching on the Ben is similar to a mid-1980's mainframe.
I have used vim on the Ben and it works well within the screen
I'm glad I have two of the Nanonotes.  I think I was near the 
end of the orders from Sharism CC.  Both are still working 
fine.  It was sad that it didn't get more traction.  I 
use it almost every day as a music player and as another
back location for my various git repositories.  git runs
fine on it. 
>   snip--------------------------
> > - SD card, I never got large SD cards to work, but the small ones were really 
> > adding to its usability.
  I have had no problems with 32GB SD cards.  I run from the cards
all the time.  The built in storage is rarely used on my devices:-)

> > - USB networking, that was just awesome! I use WinSCP to transfer stuff all 
> > the time.
 Both of my Nano's are almost always connected to my desktop.  The networking
was essential and I use it heavily.

> You get that for free if you have Linux :)
> > - Size, it worked just fine the way it was.
> Yup. The form factor is part of what makes the Nanonote special.
  I second that:-)  As soon as I saw one, I "had" to have it and now
I have two, just in case one of them fails on me!

> - Werner
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