Y-Box status

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Sat Feb 22 02:25:09 EST 2014

The Y-Box is coming along slowly but steadily. Highlights since my
last post:

- flashing of the KL26 works now (not perfectly, but good enough to
  be useful),

- the crystal -> CC2543 -> KL26 -> PLL -> USB clock path, with the
  CC2543 controlled over its debug interface from the KL26 and
  dividing the 32 MHz crystal clock to 2 MHz using a timer, works.

- the KL26 enumerates on USB.

A lot more details can be found here:

To do:

- program CC2543 Flash from the outside

- implement DFU on the KL26. For now, there should be two DFU

  - KL26 Flash (minus the area occupyed by the DFU loader)

  - CC2543 Flash

  In the future, there may be more targets:

  - pairing key

  - certificates/keys for firmware upload verification

- do something with the RF side of the CC2543.

So far, all the functionality will also be used in Anelok. DFU may
be an Y-Box-only thing (Anlok can use the memory card instead),
though I may add it to Anelok at least for development, too.
- Werner

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