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> Christoph Pulster wrote:
> > I have 3 units left in stock, after this the Nanonote is past.
> This is sad news. I tried a number of times to find out about
> the 1000+ Bens that should at some point of time still have
> existed in the warehouse of a fulfillment center in Hong Kong,
> but my enquiries were ignored.
> Rakshat Hooja mentioned that still had some
> 70 units. It may not be very convenient for individual buyers
> to get things from India, especially considering that payment
> is only via SWIFT, but maybe you could consider getting some of
> these to make them more accessible.

As Werner mentioned, I have 70 odd Nanonotes in stock but am not really
full time focusing on the Idasystems shop these days. I would be happy to
sell these to people who may be able to use them for productive use at a
reasonable price (We had paid USD 95 per unit to Sharism and I was thinking
thinking of USD 90 as the price. SO a small loss for me but people have
nanonotes in their hands).

There are two issues with this. Payment via SWIFT bank transfer involves
dealing with a bank and shipping costs/import duties can add to the cost of
the Nanonote.

I had a few ideas to work around this but am also open to suggestions:

a) If enough people are interested, I can open an Paypal account (not very
keen on this but it is one way to accept credit cards)

b) If there is enough interest for a group buy of over 20 units in a
particular country/ address, I would be happy to cover shipping costs at my

c) If any other distributor is willing to take the entire stock (minus a
couple of units, which I will keep for sentimental reasons) I would be
willing to negotiate to a lower price)

d) I would also be willing to exchange nanonotes with with other
interesting  openish hardware projects (like exchange few nanonotes for a
pandora or neo900 or GTA04. Not yet sure how this will work, I am still at
the thinking stage)

I would be happy to hear your thought. If you are purchasing, you may not
wish to flood the list so my email is rakshat at



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