Using android phone as Nanonote internet proxy

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak dos at
Tue Feb 25 12:36:49 EST 2014

On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 5:41 PM, Felix <sucotronic at> wrote:
> I know it should be possible (because the android capability of sharing
> internet access over wifi or usb), but, has somebody tried to do it?
> --
> Felix

It might be hard to do with generic Android phone, as network
tethering is done when they act as USB devices. AFAIK Android doesn't
even use standard Ethernet over USB, but some ADB stuff instead, so
most likely it would require Nanonote to act as USB host, which is not
possible on Ben.

It might be possible with rooted Android device, but I don't have much
experience with such devices - also, it may vary depending on
particular device and its kernel drivers.

It should be possible though with devices like Neo Freerunner, GTA04,
Nokia N900 etc. which can act as generic USB host with standard Linux
interfaces to attached devices. Sharing Internet access on such
devices should look exactly the same like on standard Linux PC.

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak, dos

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