Statistics: December 2013

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jan 2 12:50:24 EST 2014

Happy new year from the statistics department !

IRC traffic on #qi-hardware and the channel formerly known as

The mailing lists:

Note that, following the name change, the only public IRC logs of
#m-labs are on
The old logs are still at
but are no longer being updated (new days are added but have no

The change in archives also means that my IRC traffic calculation
has changed slightly but I hope the difference to be relatively

On IRC, both channels had a bit more traffic than in the previous
month. While #m-labs had no particularly dominating topic this time,
#qi-hardware main themes were Anelok, Neo900, and PCB-making.

On the mailing lists, milkymist topped qi-hardware for the second
time in 2013, mainly fueled by a fresh discussion of MMU design for
the LM32, and also a flurry of Migen fixes and enhancements. The
Qi-Hardware list was firmly in the hands of Anelok and thus fell
quiet when I didn't have much time for it in the second half of the
month, neatly halving the traffic compared to November.

In general, things got fairly quiet overall towards the end of the
year, with the holidays and 30C3 vying for people's attention.

What's next ? Well, for once, I plan to switch the statistics file
naming scheme from *-qihw-MMYY to *-qihw-YYMM next month. I could
have done that already last year (first year > 12, so year and month
can't be confused) but didn't think of it in time. Let's see if I'll
remember this time.

Besides that, the usual suspects should continue to provide plenty
of stuff to talk about. We may also see a bit more of Mixxeo.

- Werner

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