anelok: battery holder comparison

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Jan 13 16:55:07 EST 2014

I received new parts from Digi-Key. One of the items under consideration
is the battery holder. I got both the BLP2032SM and the LP2032SM. Here
they are, with battery inserted:

The BLP2032SM is on top, the LP2032SM on the bottom.

As one can see, the BLP2032SM "grabs" the battery: you insert it on the
right side, then push it down on the left side until it locks. To
release it, one has to bend the plastic. This works reasonably well if
one can insert something below the battery but gets difficult if access
is only from above.

In Anelok, I wouldn't want to rely on lateral access although it is
usually possible.

The LP2032SM allows for right-to-left or left-to-right insertion. It
makes releasing the battery relatively easy. It's best to use some sort
of needle, pointy tweezers, or a very small flat screwdriver as a lever
but also fingers will suffice. I shouldn't have trimmed my fingernails
this morning, though.

So I like the LP2032SM better. It's more likely to release the battery
if the device falls down and the case opens and it is a little larger
than the BLP2032SM, but besides that it's much friendlier.

- Werner

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