anelok: battery holder comparison

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Jan 13 17:33:59 EST 2014

On Monday 13. January 2014 22.55.07 Werner Almesberger wrote:
> So I like the LP2032SM better. It's more likely to release the battery
> if the device falls down and the case opens and it is a little larger
> than the BLP2032SM, but besides that it's much friendlier.

It's a bit difficult to say from the pictures, but neither of them are 
probably as annoying as a battery holder in a set of electronic kitchen scales 
I have where you slide the battery in from the side within the compartment. It 
wasn't until after I'd taped the battery in place for a few months that the 
holder seemed to work supposedly as designed and thus not immediately try and 
push the battery back out again.


P.S. I'll post a picture if I can be bothered, but I imagine that this 
solution uses too much internal space for your purposes, anyway. ;-)

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