anelok: to switch or not to switch

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Jan 14 19:01:24 EST 2014

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> My use case: ability to turn anelok OFF without removing battery.

Oh, that one's kinda off the table already. It doesn't make sense
to be able to completely cut power because there are likely uses
that require timekeeping.

In any case, you shouldn't need that. Once the firmware is good
enough, battery drain when idle should be minimal. I'm too lazy
to calculate how it would compare to self-discharge (which is fairly
low in lithium primary cells), but it should be negligible for all
practical purposes.

What the switch could still do is cripple RF, i.e., act as "rfkill",
but with the option of acting as a mere suggestion (but then, why
bother with a switch) or as a means to make it truly impossible for
RF to do anything.

But also there there's the question of whether this actually does
add a real-life value. It would surely be "nice" in a security
theatre kind of way, but that's a concept we should leave behind

- Werner

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