anelok: new and enhanced Y-Box (draft)

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Thu Jan 16 11:52:49 EST 2014

Thanks for clarification. I've missed the info (as you say time flies :P).
Perhaps we can create a wiki page in (or in other place),
to have it as reference and avoid dumb people (like me) asking this again.

On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 5:38 PM, Werner Almesberger
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> Felix wrote:
> > Wow, I feel lost at some point. I though that the Y-Box will be used to
> > connect anelok to pc, but now it's like an independent wireless proxy,
> no?
> The main role of the Y-Box was originally to connect USB devices to
> Anelok. Since Anelok cannot provide USB power to the device, we take
> that from a PC (or any other USB power source).
> To talk to Anelok via RF, the PC needs a transceiver. That was
> originally (802.15.4) ATUSB but with the upcoming switch to BTLE,
> we'll need something new.
> The BTLE standard is not mature enough to offer acceptable security.
> We therefore can't rely on an off the self product for the time
> being. For a simple USB HID interface we also can't count on a
> software solution on the PC. So also with BTLE, we'll want to have
> our own RF dongle and implement decent security there, be it some
> non-standard solution for now or whatever the future will bring.
> Considering that we're already occupying one USB port to power the
> Y-Box, it makes sense to also use the data lines on that port and
> thus not waste another port the the RF dongle.
> I already mentioned this idea almost two months ago (how time
> flies ;-), along with some more background:
> The Y-Box could therefore be used in the following roles:
> - USB host adapter for Anelok, RF not used.
> - "enhanced" BTLE dongle on the PC, Anelok not connected by cable.
> - both USB host adapter for Anelok and RF communication (with
>   Anelok or with whatever)
> If and when the BTLE folks get their act together and specify proper
> security, it may make sense to switch to using some mass-market BTLE
> dongle. But for now we're better off having a bit of extra
> flexibility.
> - Werner
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