anelok: new and enhanced Y-Box (draft)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jan 17 06:03:03 EST 2014

EdorFaus wrote:
> Darn it. I know, but I was sort of hoping noone would notice (or at
> least not care/comment about) that. ^_^'

Hehe ;-)

> Now that I think about it though, I guess wikis are really more
> about letting everyone change stuff, and then just revert the change
> if it was wrong, instead of having to approve every change...

Well, I think that, if the repo was protected against history
rewrites, one may very well leave it open.

> ... Although, hm. A bit of looking around shows that CC-BY-SA is not
> compatible with the GNU GPL.

Ah, what's the problem ?

> P.S. Things would be *so* much simpler if only everyone could use
> CC0 instead of all these other licenses... Fat chance of that
> happening though.

Well, one of the practical consequences of the GPL is that
many of those embedded Linux systems are quite hackable,
because the manufacturer is required to make at least the
basics available.

Without this requirement, almost nobody would do that. It
may not even be so much that they'd begrudge us the fun of
hacking their devices but more risk aversion in their legal
department - the less one can see, the smaller your legal
attack surface.

- Werner

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