anelok: Y-Box V2 first pictures

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jan 30 18:14:35 EST 2014

Here are a few pictures of the new board. First, bare copper, top
and bottom:

As one can see the registration is not perfect and the drill for
some reason didn't penetrate everywhere (it should overshoot by
nominally 0.5 mm) but things still looked within manageable

After tinning and adding the most important vias:

The big hole in one of the QFN footprints is to connect the
chip's (the CC2543) center pad to ground. Interestingly, the chip
has no other ground input.

Next, with all the components except the transient voltage
suppressors (expensive and I don't really need them at home):

Note that I switched from KL25 to the new KL26. Let's hope the
FRDM-KL25Z won't mind programming that one, too.

The board wasn't too hard to solder. I should probably move R3
(series resistor for the RF LED) to the bottom, to disentangle
that corner a bit.

The board in all its glory:

And here is a thickness comparison with the old one. As one can
see, the new one extend only a few mm above the PCB and barely
one below. So the case should be a lot leaner:

Haven't tried to power or even program it yet.

- Werner

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