Qi-kernel rebase: jz-3.15 branch released

R Paxton mrrhq1 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 18:53:37 EDT 2014

Hi, I'm glad the Qi-Kernel Git repository is seeing updates. I'm wondering
how compatible it is with a Debian Sid mipsel chroot?
I will try to compile the latest kernel and see.... Sometimes in the past
I've gotten kernel panics from using dpkg-reconfigure console-setup and
then tried to set up the font when using an the official Qi OpenWRT kernel.
Someone also told be to step away from EmDebian, but so far it's the only
one that seems to work on my NN.

Well, what I will be doing, in case anyone is interested, if finding a way
to properly back up my SD card partition, which currently has a weird fuse
of EmDebian and Debian on there, and just sticking vanilla Debian Sid (my
favorite) and this Qi Kernel on here and seeing how it runs. Maybe I'll
"Ubify" it and try to flash it to the NAND when i feel sure I'm ready to do
that, or better yet, I'll probably just leave it on the SD card.

I do want to use Sid because I want to try the latest and greatest build of
Mednafen on my NanoNote. Currently it runs slow and crashes when playing my
good old retro games, no matter if it's Sega Master System or GameBoy
Color. I also don't have the right version to try Genesis/Mega Drive games.
Anything in the higher generation runs slowly, but that's to be expected.
I'll have to figure out how to overclock the CPU a little bit in Debian.
Anyone have any ideas on that?

Since I don't want to do apt-pinning and run into potential dependency hell
problems, I'm just going to stick with what I like using and just use Sid.

Anyway, this is great news. Even though the NanoNote is discontinued, I'm
glad to still be seeing updates for it as we speak.
I will never, ever buy a GCW-Zero until this great thing is still alive. =)
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