Getting a plot to work on Octave using the latest image from the website.

Delbert Franz ddf at
Mon Jul 14 17:37:49 UTC 2014

I am testing Octave with a simple plot.  When I run
the test, I get aresponse that says:

Requested device xwin not available

followed by a menu of options.  The only ones that
seem to work are those for "ps" and 'psc".  However, the 
Nanonote has no Postscript viewer that I can find.

I'm using the latest image from the website.  

Octave also claims that: Use PLplot: on

Is there something I can do to get a plot out of Octave
on the Nanonote or is there a way to view a Postscript file. 
Nupdf gets locked with a never ending display that 
says: "Loading...".

Thanks for any pointers on this.

                     Delbert Franz

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