more ATUSB ?

Hiesgen, Raphael Raphael.Hiesgen at
Mon Jun 2 03:50:22 EDT 2014


we examined our capabilities, but do not have the money to produce a lucrative number of devices. However if someone else does, we would be interested in buying 10 units (For a price similar to the earlier ones, ~40€), and colleagues from another university would also be interested in buying about 10 units.

I still hope someone is interested in producing them!


On 01 May 2014, at 01:54 am, Werner Almesberger <werner at> wrote:

> rakshat hooja wrote:
>> As we have Ben in stock IDA might be interested in
>> manufacturing (though no promises).
> Excellent, thanks ! Christoph Pulster also indicated that, if we
> make more, he'd be interested in distributing them. So it may not
> be all that hard to come up with a "critical mass" to justify a
> production run.
> - Werner
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