Anelok: the journey towards V1

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Jun 2 06:37:09 EDT 2014

Felix wrote:
> That last iteration its incredible!

Thanks ! :) And I had quite a bit of room left when I got to the
RF side. I actually trimmed the board by another 1 mm, which is
as far as a I dare to go, lest the antenna end up below the OLED.

> One question about the capacitive sensor, does it works with the thick
> player of plastic that will be the case?

It'll just be about 1 mm. The board is meant to be cut at the
slot between battery and the main circuit, and the sub-board is
attached to the top of the case.

This is the vertical stacking:

In the first experiment with capacitive sensing on the KL26 (the
video with the Y-Box), I also had about 1 mm of plastic on top of
the sensor, and it was quite responsive.

- Werner

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