more ATUSB ?

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Jun 2 17:57:37 EDT 2014

On Monday 2. June 2014 22.31.38 R Paxton wrote:
> I still own a NanoNote, but I have no idea how to put a more up to date
> Debian on it nowadays. Without a documented way to build a kernel uImage on
> it I'm kind of stuck using an older kernel that panics every time I try to
> update the system. Both Pyneo's custom kernel and Qi-HW's have this
> problem.

You can use the openwrt-xburst distribution to build a kernel as described 

As for Debian, I did do some fairly recent stuff with Emdebian and multistrap 
(instead of debootstrap) to initialise filesystems:

After some discussion with the maintainer of the Emdebian distribution 
versions, it appears to be completely acceptable (indeed, preferable) to use 
multistrap with "vanilla Debian" and so I've been able to put Wheezy on my 

The latest bundle of scripts and resources I use can be found here:

> I just think no one really cares enough about the Ben enough. I was still
> going to use it to play Dingoo A320 games, perhaps even compile some of
> their games on it, but oh well.

All of that should be possible. You should be able to cross-compile games 
using, say, the Emdebian toolchains or even compile things on the Ben itself, 
although I foresee you having to enable a swap device to do so (something 
which things like apt-get may necessitate anyway).


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