more ATUSB ?

marmorine s.marmorine at
Mon Jun 2 20:31:06 EDT 2014

> You can use the openwrt-xburst distribution to build a kernel as
> described here:
> As for Debian, I did do some fairly recent stuff with Emdebian and
> multistrap (instead of debootstrap) to initialise filesystems:
> All of that should be possible. You should be able to cross-compile
> games using, say, the Emdebian toolchains or even compile things on
> the Ben itself, although I foresee you having to enable a swap device
> to do so (something which things like apt-get may necessitate anyway).
> Paul

I've been wondering about this myself (along with general availability,
which was answered), I use the normal openwrt distro, and did compile
picolisp directly on Ben itself (neat language). That worked fine, but
its also small, and for something larger than there could be problems.
So a toolchain it is, and I have been considering going through the
steps in the link above. Still playing catchup as you can see... ;)

By the way, I am getting e-mail notification of posts, but is there a
web link to browse them?

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