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Thanks for letting me know about Multistrap. I just glanced over that
keyword once without much thought. I have tired "just about everything"
without much success so far. I tried compiling the openwrt-xburst Git repo
so I could get the toolchain, but I wasn't having much luck. After going
through menuconfig, make just doesn't seem to want to build properly at the
end. Of course I can't use Qi-kernel (not OpenWRT's kernel) without a
toolchain I know is going to work. I'm uncertain what to do there cause I'm
too dumb. :)

As much as I like the idea of EmDebian, they also remove the manpages,
which I use a lot. I could make do with Busybox, but I also like the
full-fledged GNU utilities. Sue me.

So with Multistrap, it seems to function differently. It sounds like it
could it be possible to automate creation of a kernel uImage that can be
programmed into the NAND, and to make a root file-system for UBIFS, or just
a Tarbell... I'm content with using an SD card for my rootfs though,
although I wish I could figure out how to get U-boot to automatically boot
from the SD card only without holding down "M", and just mount the
remaining 3rd partition on the MTD device as some sort of.... I dunno,
temporary FS. Not a RamFS or Loop device because that would work

I missed the Ben Nanonote VM E-Mail. I shamefully deleted it. I was
thinking it would have been really great if I had set up a VM first to test
everything out so I wouldn't have to spend so much time getting things to
work on the real hardware. I think that's why I started moving to the SD
card. Less hassle to set up swap, and I don't have to kill off the NAND
with so many writes!

Maybe I'll keep any of you informed of any success stories I have with this
thing. The number one thing people complained about the Ben was lack of
network connectivity. But why even have it when wired USB is more reliable,
and you're outside where there's no coffee shop with free Wi-Fi? It would
make more sense to just have mobile broadband then. Haha.
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