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Well the Debootstrap Wiki page really helped. Of course I had to add my own
utilities, especially the networking ones, to make the system more usable
out of the box. I've also added in more files. Maybe I should start a blog
or edit the Wiki page to reflect some of the meager changes.

For example, here's a working multistrap.conf to install EmDebian Grip

bootstrap=Grip Debian Security
aptsources=Grip Debian Security

packages=busybox-static dropbear htop ifupdown iproute iputils-ping mc
mtd-utils procps tmux triggerhappy u-boot-tools udev vim-tiny



I tried using vanilla Debian by changing the bootstrap to Grip and the
aptsources to Debian and Security, but it wouldn't boot. Maybe I wasn't
trying hard enough. That's alright, EmDebian is quite good enough. I like
how small it is. I'll keep the backup rootfs, try out some tips from the
UBIFS wiki page:

And then see if I can get the whole root partition "UBIfied".
I want to thank everyone here for this great little device, I only wish it
had more loving support.

On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 7:12 PM, R Paxton <mrrhq1 at> wrote:

> Paul,
> Thanks for letting me know about Multistrap. I just glanced over that
> keyword once without much thought. I have tired "just about everything"
> without much success so far. I tried compiling the openwrt-xburst Git repo
> so I could get the toolchain, but I wasn't having much luck. After going
> through menuconfig, make just doesn't seem to want to build properly at the
> end. Of course I can't use Qi-kernel (not OpenWRT's kernel) without a
> toolchain I know is going to work. I'm uncertain what to do there cause I'm
> too dumb. :)
> As much as I like the idea of EmDebian, they also remove the manpages,
> which I use a lot. I could make do with Busybox, but I also like the
> full-fledged GNU utilities. Sue me.
> So with Multistrap, it seems to function differently. It sounds like it
> could it be possible to automate creation of a kernel uImage that can be
> programmed into the NAND, and to make a root file-system for UBIFS, or just
> a Tarbell... I'm content with using an SD card for my rootfs though,
> although I wish I could figure out how to get U-boot to automatically boot
> from the SD card only without holding down "M", and just mount the
> remaining 3rd partition on the MTD device as some sort of.... I dunno,
> temporary FS. Not a RamFS or Loop device because that would work
> terribly....
> I missed the Ben Nanonote VM E-Mail. I shamefully deleted it. I was
> thinking it would have been really great if I had set up a VM first to test
> everything out so I wouldn't have to spend so much time getting things to
> work on the real hardware. I think that's why I started moving to the SD
> card. Less hassle to set up swap, and I don't have to kill off the NAND
> with so many writes!
> Maybe I'll keep any of you informed of any success stories I have with
> this thing. The number one thing people complained about the Ben was lack
> of network connectivity. But why even have it when wired USB is more
> reliable, and you're outside where there's no coffee shop with free Wi-Fi?
> It would make more sense to just have mobile broadband then. Haha.
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