Anelok: battery holder comparison

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jun 6 08:09:22 EDT 2014

Felix wrote:
> The bigger part is cheaper than the simple one?

Hmm no, the 1059/1060 are about 50% more expensive than the smaller
*LP2032. Unfortunately. I like my BOM cost low. But then, I don't
like components that crumble into dust after a few minutes of use
either ...

> I don't have any experience with coin battery holders, but also like the
> 1060 the most, because it looks easier for repairing than the others.

They are sturdy beasts. 3 mm of glass-reinforced plastic takes
quite a destructive force to come apart. I'd be a lot more worried
about the rest of the system at that point. E.g., if you put that
much strain on a PCB, it may develop microfractures. It'll only be
the sub-board in this case, but still.

Oh, if you look carefully at the pictures, you'll see that my 1060s
are all spotty on the contacts. This is probably less an effect of
material aging but more the dirt in the air taking to the metal.
These critters must have been sitting in my drawer for about 8
years.  (And they still make them ! :-)

- Werner

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