Anelok: rfkill concept for the next board version

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun May 11 14:51:07 EDT 2014

Ron K Jeffries wrote:
> <p dir="ltr">Is your market primarily the few, the proud, the paranoid? Or do you have ambitions of reaching a broader consumer base? My hunch is the former.</p>

HTML, yuck !

And I want both :) First mainly the ones who are more motivated and
self-sufficient, hopefully tens of thousands of them.

Then broader masses, but probably with some design changes. For the
mass market, the thing has to operate very smoothly, there has to be
a support structure, and - since a successful attack against the
device will produce a larger "catch" - security demands are higher
than if it's just an arcane gadget known to an "elite" group.

Those security demands probably also include educating users about
operational security. The best safe offers little protection if you
forget to close it. Or do something like this:

I'm actually thinking of three initial phases:

- alpha: very small number (<= 10), hand-made by yours truly, for
  developers only, no certificates, kit of Anelok, Y-Box, and
  programming fixtures.

- beta: small number (maybe ~100), "light" industrial process, to
  debug the transfer of manufacturing to an outside party, no
  certificates, kit of Anelok and Y-Box.

- gamma: as many as we can sell (at least a few thousand), regular
  industrial process, FCC and CE compliance, Anelok and Y-Box maybe
  as kit or maybe separate, depending how whether a) BTLE has good
  enough security by then, and b) making a Y-cable is an attractive

Things that still need to be solved to make this happen are, besides
the technical stuff, 1) setting up an organizational entity (company,
cooperative, whatever works), and 2) finding money. My skills are
fairly non-existent in these two areas, so I'll need help there.

- Werner

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