Anelok: battery holder, quality issues

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun May 18 17:35:34 EDT 2014

I wrote:
> Interestingly, even with this amount of damage, the holder still
> holds a battery, but of course less firmly than if intact.

I made a little test: with a ~ 100 g weight suspended on a wire
across the battery close to the round side of the BLP2032SM, the
battery still stays in place:

When I doubled the weight, the battery popped out, though. 100 g
are about 1 N. With a battery weight of 3 grams, this would
correspond to an acceleration of well above 30 g.  So unless
you're in the habit of bumping into things or are John Stapp
[1], it would still hold the battery even without relying on
additional support from case or lid.


- Werner

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