Anelok: taking care of business

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun May 18 21:24:38 EDT 2014

It's time to think about how to give this little hobby project a
structure that will enable it to actually make products. Besides the
technical area, we also need to cover the business area. There are
several things that need doing:

- creating of a suitable juridical person to represent the project,

- handling of finances,

- compliance with tax and reporting requirements,

- payment of people employed/contracted by the project,

- purchase of materials for prototypes and products,

- contracting of 3rd party services such as PCB fabrication, SMT,
  certifications, etc.,

- processing of incoming purchase orders and monitoring their

- etc.

I'd expect this to be fairly light work at the beginning - since the
project will still be mainly about development and not have any
significant yet -  but it will increase with time. It's not a role
that would require technical decisions but where contracts and
orders prepared from the technical side (i.e., me) are at least
checked for correctness and compliance.

I know very little of these business things but enough to know that
half-knowledge is worse than ignorance, so someone else has to help

The next steps to "get the thing out of the lab" are:

1) find someone who is willing and able to take care of the business
2) define the modus operandi (at least in rough terms),
3) create a suitable juridical person,
4) get financing for completing prototypes and implement phase alpha

Any takers for step 1 ? If not, maybe you know someone who could be
interested ?

To be clear, this doesn't have to be a pro bono position, but the
project will only be able to dispense (some) money after step 4 is
successfully completed. So any work and expenses that go into it
until then will have to be considered "sweat equity", hopefully to
be richly rewarded later on ;-)

I have some ideas for the other steps as well, but I don't want to
make this mail one of these epic treatises that nobody reads. So
let's tackle things one at a time.

- Werner

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