Anelok: memory card eject direction

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon May 19 09:20:36 EDT 2014

Felix wrote:

Very pretty ! Also, most cell phones have at least their SIM card
somewhere under the battery. So it's not all that an unusual

> As you mentioned, I see the two main problems as the battery holder wearing
> and the RTC time loss. Perhaps a battery holder with a screw would solve
> the wearing,

Oh, you mean the lid of the battery compartment ? Wow. Didn't think
of that. Plastic too brittle ?

I was thinking of the holder inside the battery compartment.

> but for the RTC (which I think is important in this device) I
> don't see a easy solution.

I have a big fat 220 uF capacitor to feed the system while the
battery is out but of course also that can only last for a short
while. (Maybe around 30 seconds, to be determined by measurement.)

- Werner

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