Anelok: still need to take care of business

Felix sucotronic at
Wed May 28 13:53:45 EDT 2014

Sorry Werner, I would offer myself, buy I'm a developer and I don't have
the skills and experience to do that. By the way, creating a company in my
freaking country cost so much money than in others :P

On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 6:17 PM, Werner Almesberger
<werner at>wrote:

> I wrote:
> > I know very little of these business things but enough to know that
> > half-knowledge is worse than ignorance, so someone else has to help
> > there.
> No reactions so far :-(
> Without a business structure, the project can't organize funding, and
> without funding, all I'll ever be able to make (eventually) may be a
> couple of units for my own use, and that'll be it.
> Regarding funding, I was thinking of trying a form that combines
> kickstarter-style preorders with investment. The traditional preorder
> format works well for mature designs but to get there, you either
> have to make promises you don't know you can keep, or find some other
> funding.
> I'd rather not take the dubious promises approach, which leaves:
> a) financing all the R&D myself. I was hoping I could do that, but I
>    got stuck in the "daytime" project that I had hoped would feed me
>    while working on Anelok. So that won't provide the reserves needed
>    to do the next step.
> b) find a vulture capitalist / sugar daddy / ... (or a small group of
>    them) to invest in the R&D (and possibly beyond). Alas, I don't
>    know anyone well enough who might do such a thing.
> c) idem, but the investor(s) be a company or a group of companies.
>    Again there's the problem that I should spend less time in the
>    lab and more time on the golf course for that kind of contacts.
> d) try crowdfunding. But what would people get ? I couldn't sell a
>    working device at the moment, but I could promise to make a proof
>    of concept design which then may or may not go into larger
>    production. But that's not very useful for most people, is it ?
> To sweeten the deal, one could add the element of investment. I.e.,
> anyone who participates in the effort, be it through work, money, or
> both, also gets something in return when and if it succeeds.
> This would sound roughly like what cooperations do. So anyone who'd
> want to invest or otherwise contribute would join the cooperation.
> Later on, when there's something ready for the masses to produce,
> then the cooperation could simply take orders.
> Of course, that's about as much as I know of doing such things. The
> person who takes care of creating and running the business side
> would have to decide what of this can be done and how.
> - Werner
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