Anelok: still need to take care of business

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed May 28 21:59:34 EDT 2014

Paul Boddie wrote:
> It's on my agenda to get more into business oriented towards Free
> Software, and I even know people who actually do that kind of thing,

When I squint my eyes a little, doesn't it almost seem as if I
could see three birds and one vaguely stone-shaped password
safe ? :-)

> Neo900 seems to have plenty of willing customers, for instance, but 
> it isn't marketing that threatens to terminate that project at every turn.

Yeah, that one is a confluence of a great many amazing things
indeed. Should be fun to solve the puzzle :-)

> Take the EOMA-68 initiative as an example. Worried that people might issue 
> cease-and-desist orders as you invest in the standard?

This one looks even more like fun:

Did someone gobble down their whole 500-pack of control freak
pills in just one day ? :-)

> So, I'm not quite as pessimistic as you, Werner:

Naw, I didn't want to sound all that gloomy. It's just that the
experiences in our little group have been quite repetitively bad,
with some similarity in patterns. So what we can learn from this
are a few things to avoid, but that doesn't necessarily lead to
the things that create success. For that, we would have to look
elsewhere. (While not forgetting the things we believe we did

> being paranoid about the latter shouldn't take precedence over 
> encouraging the former.

Yes, agreed. Kleptophobia seems to be nearly boundless in some

- Werner

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