[anelok] hackaday mooltipass competitor just went crowfunding

Felix sucotronic at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 07:43:38 UTC 2014

Yesterday they launched an indiegogo campaign to mass product their
mooltipass device. The main goal is the same as anelok, help to protect
passwords, but the approach they've done to do it is far behind Anelok :P

- They store credentials in flash memory, so, if you lose the device, you
lose everything.
- smartcards are big and also the contacts are prone to wear or been damaged
- no RTC or autonomous battery, so you cannot implement two step auth based
on timestamps
- the whole thing is BIG, even more when you have to plug the smartcard xD
- 100$ not a bargain, precisely...

So, from my point of view, Werner's approach is loooot better than this ;)

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