Anelok: fatigue and normalization

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Nov 11 15:06:56 UTC 2014

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> Werner--as always, you share VERY useful info. It's fascinating.

Thanks ! :)


Hehe, now we know what you do at daytime, when decent hackers sleep :-)

> I apologize if there is already a way to read qi-hardware emails via a
> direct URL. I am lazy.

But of course there is, and has always been. The mailing list is
archived here:

For example, the mail that started this thread:

And yes, I agree that the presentation could be friendlier. I'm not
a great fan of blogs because they tend to over-linearize things and
contribute to the scattering of information (i.e., before you know it,
you have to follow a list, blog, Twitter, some forum, IRC, and
Facebook just to keep track of what some project is doing.)

But if someone wanted to process my posts into a nice timeline (and
keep on maintaining this for a while), that would make a great feature
for the Anelok site. For example, this is a draft I made a while ago
(just text):

Each entry in the timeline could have a short title, a small picture,
and then a link to the corresponding article (or other helpful
material), which one can usually find right at that date in the

Another little documentation project would be to add hover pop-ups
to the block diagrams (they first need updating, though), similar to
what we've done for Neo900:

The same mechanism could also be used to make the wireframe drawing
on a bit more interesting.

The overall style I'd aim for is to have lots of things click- and
hoverable, just like in real life you can touch and explore pretty
much anything that you can see and that piques your curiosity.

> It reminds me of Donald Rumsfeld's memorable phrase.

I actually like this one, though not quite in the way he used it.
But the concept is something that's often overlooked - often
enough, you first have to learn what the right questions are,
before you can try to get them answered.

- Werner

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