[PATCH] anelok:sim remove include Makefile.c-common

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Wed Nov 12 04:07:44 UTC 2014

Rafael Ignacio Zurita wrote:
> Removing these lines let me to build the sim with cd sim/ ; make

Oops, forgot to commit common/Makefile.c-common
Fixed, thanks !

> It runs as well, but, I can not turn on the device when I click with the
> left mouse button in the middle of the little screen (the "ANELOK" text
> never appears).

Hmm, you have to hit the vertical center fairly precisely. Maybe
you were a bit off ? When you click anywhere, a small indicator
(a line of three pixels) should appear in the rightmost column.

There's also a way to skip the activation and login, and to jump
directly to the account selection:

./sim -t

Thanks for giving it a spin !

- Werner

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