idea for a fun little security project

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Nov 18 12:23:28 UTC 2014

Felix wrote:
> I want to ask you Werner what chip (or dev board) you would choose to
> develop a quick proof of concept of this idea.

If you want to use a finished board, you could use one with an STM32
(USB host and device on the same chip), e.g., this one should work

The libopencm3 project should have suitable drivers for the chip.
Note sure what they have in terms of USB. STM also provide some
interface code, but that one is a little odd.

If making a board from scratch, I'd take two KL2x and (each can be
USB host or device, but not both at the same time) and connect them
to each other. There, I could use my existing firmware from Anelok,
and teach it new tricks. Also, the KL2x pair should be smaller,
cheaper, and may be easier to handle than an STM32.

> I've searched a bit and
> found the FTDI Vinculo2, which has usb host and slave dual connections, but
> unfortunately the toolchain is closed and only for windows :(

Uuh, I'd stay away from FTDI. If you value openness, they're not
your friends.

- Werner

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