idea for a fun little security project

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Nov 18 14:08:20 UTC 2014

Felix wrote:
> So, a pair of MKL26Z128VFM4 (for example) and uart communication between
> them should do the trick, no? I'm hoping that qfn32 is hand solder friendly
> :P

Funny, Digi-Key proudly show a 64-LQFP picture for the
MKL26Z128VFM4 :-)

And yes, QFN32 is quite easy. Careful with the chip orientation,
though: the pin 1 dot is not in the upper left corner of the text.

Communication can be UART, yes. You'll also want to connect SWD of
the host-side MCU to GPIOs of the device-side MCU, so that you can
change the firmware via DFU.

- Werner

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