Anelok: happy anniversary !

Apelete Seketeli apelete at
Mon Sep 8 07:59:35 UTC 2014

On Sun, Sep-07-2014 at 08:44:11 PM -0300, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> I just realized that Anelok had its first anniversary yesterday:

Happy anniversary Anelok !

>From the very beginning I was impressed by the amount of things
getting done on this one, and the incredible pace at which progress
is being made. Congratulations to you Werner ! I'm still wondering
what kind of magic you're using to achieve this, seriously :-).

> This may be a good moment to have a quick look at where we are and
> what to do next:
> - there's now a simulator for the user interface and possibly other
>   higher layer elements of the firmware. Everybody seems to be afraid
>   to try it, but it's not only a way to get a first impression of how
>   Anelok may behave, but it should also allow anyone who is
>   interested to help with software development.
> - disappointingly, there has been no progress on the front of setting
>   up a company (or whatever we want to call it) to take care of the
>   commercial side of the project.

Simulator was a great move, but what about getting some prototypes in
the hands of (a few) people ? Some of us might be more motivated in
helping out by playing with the real deal (even at an early stage of
development). I guess producing prototypes may be linked with setting
up a structure/company around the project ?

> What's to come ?
> I'm also thinking of alternatives to setting up a company at the
> present time, that would still allow to proceed with a reasonably
> development process, but I have to ponder this a bit more.

Let us know what you're thinking about, be it crowd funding or any
other path.

Overall, the more I read about Anelok, the more I wish to get my
hands on one. That may just be geek lust though :-).


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