Anelok: migration to GitLab

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Apr 3 19:41:39 UTC 2015

Okay, I've reached a decision: Anelok's new home shall be GitLab.
What finally convinced me is that the bearded veterans of Devuan
use it, too.

The migration was fairly painless, despite both Gitorious and my
Internet access acting up badly in the last days.

Some changes:

- please be aware of some differences in terminology, especially
  of the word "project":

  GitLab	Gitoritous	GitHub		What it is
  -------------	---------------	---------------	--------------------
  project	repository	repository	One git repo (*)
  group		project		organization	A bunch of git repos

  (*) Or two repos, if we consider a Wiki associated with the main

  I think I'll just use "repo" and "group". That way it's unambiguous.

- in Gitorious, the Wiki was at the group ("project") level (i.e.,
  anelok/). In GitLab, it moved to the repo ("project") level

  Seem that we just have to live with this:

- the Wiki is no longer publicly writeable. If I understand the
  permission system correctly, one needs to have at least "developer"
  status for the project (main repository) in order to be allowed to
  write to the Wiki as well.

  This is inconvenient since a "developer" can also do a lot of things
  to the code. Maybe we should host the Anelok Wiki on
  instead. Drawbacks:

  - page would be hidden deeper in the hierarchy,

  - Wiki is not git-backed, so one can't edit off-line, etc.

Please note that building things in the Anelok repo no longer requires
access to the Y-Box repo. I've updated the build instructions (INSTALL)

New locations






Update existing repositories

If you already have a local copy of some of the Anelok repositories,
you can either do this (in each repository):

  git remote set-url origin `git remote -v |
    sed '/origin\(.*\)(fetch)/{s//\1/;s/;};d'`

Or if you don't trust the above command, do this:

  cd anelok
  git remote set-url origin

  cd ../ybox
  git remote set-url origin

  cd ../kltab
  git remote set-url origin

  cd ../pwsafe-gitorious-wiki
  git remote set-url origin

  cd ../tmc
  git remote set-url origin

I hope all works well. If not, please holler !

- Werner

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