jz4730 Kernel Support

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sun Apr 5 17:08:21 UTC 2015


Some of you may have spotted me on IRC a few days ago asking about the 
mainline kernel and support for the jz4730, as opposed to the jz4720 and 
jz4740 that are already supported and whose support is working (with some 
extra patches) for the Ben NanoNote.

Since asking for general advice, I've put together some patches that compile 
but don't actually get the jz4730-based device to boot, and I posted them to 
the mailing list related to that device:


The start of the thread is here, with some more description about what I did 
and the possible differences between the jz4730 and jz4740:


At the moment, I'm really looking for advice about things I might have done 
wrong or have forgotten to do, more technical than procedural. I don't write 
Linux kernel stuff normally, having only dabbled with some drivers a few years 
ago, so whilst things like coding style, not using the "right" git command to 
output diffs, failure to know Linus Torvalds' shirt size, and so on, are all 
useful to remedy in the longer term, I'd be more interested in people pointing 
out that I forgot to initialise something vital that might make a visible 
difference in the shorter term.

Anyway, I hope the somewhat diminishing enthusiasm of someone willing to look 
at Linux on the jz47xx series is encouraging enough for someone reading this 
to take a look!


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