Anelok: the power struggle

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Apr 9 08:12:04 UTC 2015

Felix wrote:
> I was curious about that and find some data on stackoverflow:

Ah, nice ! Pity he didn't have a better meter that would let him
monitor also the short peaks.

> it seems that you would need a ¡50mf one!

Yeah, I ended up with this sort of monsters, too :-)

Now, there would be fairly small and not too expensive supercaps
in that range. However, they have an even worse ESR (Equivalent
Series Resistance) than the coin cell: about 15-20 Ohm for the
cell, about 100 Ohm for a compact supercap, so they couldn't
deliver nearly enough current.

However, I also found supercaps with a low ESR. But they're quite
large and pretty expensive. Here is a 50 mF model with a stunning
100 mOhm:

That's when I decided that this is probably not where I'll find a
solution ...

- Werner

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