Why I joined: the NanoNote

Mark Tuson markfptuson at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 09:24:23 UTC 2015


I've been a member of this list for something like five years; I joined 
following my purchase of a Ben NanoNote, thinking it might he useful to 
be a member of the community. Help and be helped, and all that.

There was supposed to be a successor to the Ben about three years ago, 
and there wasn't. In fact, the second successor should have been 
released last year, and it wasn't.

So, I ask, was the whole NanoNote thing a flash-in-the-pan episode of 
wishful thinking? Or was it a real project that simply fizzled out? Last 
time I asked about it I was told something like 'they tried and you're 
evil for not appreciating the effort that's gone into this,' but that's 
not really a helpful answer. What actually happened? Is there a point in 
me still waiting on this mailing list to see if anyone's going to pull 
their finger out and make the damned thing, or what?

The actual reason why I'm writing to you like this is that since the 
project fizzled out to nothing, I've been a member of this list, waiting 
to see what was going to happen, and in the meantime I've been 
constantly bombarded with emails from the list, talking about projects I 
don't care two sugarlumps about.

Eagerly awaiting a real response.

Mark Tuson, BSc.

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