Why I joined: the NanoNote

Mark Tuson markfptuson at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 19:32:59 UTC 2015

I know it isn't coming any time soon. I've been waiting nearly five years,
staying on the mailing list 'just in case.' As things are now, I have moved
on in many ways - when I started out with my NanoNote I was a university
student who was after a geeky project to get absorbed into. I did that, and
eventually my NanoNote died, and the support behind it with it. Now I'm an
honours graduate with a fiancée and prospects of a career as a fantasy
author. Maybe it's time to 'put away childish things.'

As for Anelok - I neither know now particularly care what it is or what
it's for. Maybe I will unsubscribe from the list. Maybe one day, if I ever
have the money behind me, I'll take a more active part in developing the
successor project.


On 19 April 2015 at 19:45, Bas Wijnen <wijnen at debian.org> wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 10:24:23AM +0100, Mark Tuson wrote:
> > I've been a member of this list for something like five years; I
> > joined following my purchase of a Ben NanoNote, thinking it might he
> > useful to be a member of the community. Help and be helped, and all
> > that.
> I think this is what the list was intended for, but as you noticed it
> moved in a different direction.
> > So, I ask, was the whole NanoNote thing a flash-in-the-pan episode
> > of wishful thinking? Or was it a real project that simply fizzled
> > out?
> I can't answer this question.  AFAIK Wolfgang was the driving force
> behind it, and he silently disappeared (or at least, I didn't see him
> leave, he just never posts on the list anymore).
> I believe he meant to produce the next versions.  I don't know why it
> didn't work out.
> > Last time I asked about it I was told something like 'they
> > tried and you're evil for not appreciating the effort that's gone
> > into this,' but that's not really a helpful answer.
> The first half is true, they did try.  Asking what happened is not evil,
> of course.
> > Is there a point in me still waiting on this mailing list to see if
> > anyone's going to pull their finger out and make the damned thing, or
> > what?
> You never know what'll happen, but as far as I know, you shouldn't be
> waiting for it.  Nobody is working on it, I think, and nobody is even
> thinking of working on it.
> > The actual reason why I'm writing to you like this is that since the
> > project fizzled out to nothing, I've been a member of this list,
> > waiting to see what was going to happen, and in the meantime I've
> > been constantly bombarded with emails from the list, talking about
> > projects I don't care two sugarlumps about.
> You're talking about Anelok, I suppose?  I really like those mails.
> It's a completely different project, and I'm not sure if I would like to
> have one.  But I very much enjoy following the process of developing an
> open hardware device.
> However, if you don't, I would suggest that you unsubscribe from the
> list.  The next version of the NanoNote is not coming anytime soon, it
> probably isn't coming ever.
> Thanks,
> Bas
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