Why I joined: the NanoNote

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_qi-hardware at aross.me
Sun Apr 19 22:43:36 UTC 2015

I still use my NN every week, i listen to music (dispute the noise but i
don't notice the noise with the type of headphones i use.) and i use
bard for learning drama scripts and hnb for notes.

I still love my little nn.

re future devices:

neo900 is your best bet.

if you want to make something different then i would recommend a eoma-68
pocket computer. i would love one :D. advantages over something like a
nn, would be you don’t have the pains of getting the soc. Designing a
product with a easy soc upgrade. so the maker just puts there effort
once into the device and what it does instead of making a device around

a advantage of putting the soc into what i like to call the brain card,
is that you can switch to new brain cards like the/a opencore soc, a
exciting soc for free software/hardware lovers.

snag is eoma-68 is really meant for bigger devices, for nn size
something like the eoma-cf form factor (compact flash card size. reusing
compact flash card cases) but that needs money so it's being put off for
the future.

point being for this case of this small production run maybe a different
way of doing things would be helpful in making it happen but also it
would cool to have a mini eoma-* pocket computer :D.

a note: that eoma-* scales well for big projects too. a win win :)

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